Make History: Healing America with Health Care for All


9 a.m. Welcome: Sara Wright (Introduces T.R. Reid, emcee)

T.R. Reid introduces a.m. keynote speaker

9:15: Morning keynote address: Jackson Potter

9:33: Ivan J. Miller, Ph.D, Executive Director: Next moves: The Foundation forges forward

Breakout Session #1 9:50-10:40

Photo credit: The path forward: Inclusiveness, support, and universal health care without bias.

Breakout Session#2: 10:50-11:40

Breakout sessions will develop teams to grow and achieve year-round success in these areas: coordinating with those from diverse social movements to achieve common goals; fundraising; engaging communities through grassroots actions; hosting Facebook Live actions; effective outreach to businesses; and making sure elected officials hear us.

Lunch: 11:45-12:45

12:15: How to have a healthy influence on your legislator (Rep. Jonathan Singer)

12:30 Update from Healthcare NOW conference

12:42 Foundation Executive Director, Ivan J. Miller, Ph.D., announces the 2018 People’s Health Care Champion

12:45: T.R. Reid introduces Ron Vejrostek

12:45-1 p.m. Ron Vejrostek: “Listen Up: Growing the movement by hearing others”

1 p.m.-1:15 p.m. Roundtable discussion #1: Asking thought-provoking questions

10-minute: Group spokesperson shares three best ideas

1:30-1:50: “Speak Up: Grow the movement by sharing our values”

Nancy Reed gives the Foundation’s values-based presentation.

1:50- 2:05 p.m. Q: Roundtable discussion #2 Express your values and plan ways to share them with others

10-minute: Group spokesperson shares three best ideas

2:15 p.m. to 2:30: “Rise up: Grow the movement by getting the word out

Madeleine Jacobs, MD, gives the skinny on growing the movement in Fremont County

Fort Collins Health Care WTF (What are the Facts)
Madi & Team: Community TV
Disseminating the videos across the state-Facebook posts

2:30-2:45: Roundtable Discussion #3: What would it take to get you more involved?

10-minute: Group spokesperson shares three best ideas

2:55-3:13 p.m. Afternoon keynote address: U.S. Rep. Jared Polis

3:14 p.m. Carry it forward and thank you: Sara Wright

Photo by Darral Freund: Nurses and supporters march May 6 around the Colorado state Capitol for universal health care! The events in Denver and Fort Collins kicked of National Nurses Week. Nurses, the most trusted professionals in America, support universal health care!