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The Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care
350 Broadway Suite 210, Boulder, CO 80305

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  1. With all the activity now to repeal ObamaCare this would seem a great time as resources and energy available might allow to advance — not a single payer, but a government payer — alternative in the proposed “competitive” market — to address all those that could be left uncovered by the un-doing of ObamaCare. Republicans seem in a vulnerable spot by abandoning those 20 million or so and possibly amenable to simply address that problem directly with “some” government funds — especially for addressing “public goods” (economist define it) for preventive care — and better defined charity for “private goods” that the “competitive” market will not address or absorb. Paul Ryan has hinted as much in seeking a solution. Expanded VA / Medicare could be a possibility.

  2. joanne klein says:

    Sorry, i am asking… Your upcoming march is wonderful. I live in Seattle and i wonder if there was a relative march in connection to your Universal Health Care stance? I am probably being uninformed but just wondered. Thanks, i forwarded this to a pal of mine who lives in Arvada.
    joanne klein

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