Health Care for Everyone. We are Everyone.

by Lyn Gullette

The American Health Care Act (AHCA, Trumpcare) is NOT a health care act. It’s a tax bill. It takes tax money from seniors, from those with disabilities, and from those who aren’t paid a decent living wage, and gives tax money to the wealthy. If you are outraged, you are not alone.

We do, indeed, need a health care bill and we should not be manipulated into picking the left-over bones of a tax bill to decide who lives and who gets sacrificed for lack of health care.

I am so proud to be working with all of you. We’re doing an inside/outside campaign for Health Care for Everyone (sometimes described as Guaranteed Health Care or a Colorado version of Medicare for everyone under 65). We’re inside and outside promoting common values that we hold sacred. We’re “inside” working with political leaders, policy makers and legislators to secure champions to carry a bill in the state legislature in 2018. We’re “outside” working with progressive and conservative groups, building grassroots awareness, and demanding health care for every Coloradan and every American, as the rest of the modern countries in the world are able to do.

We’re highlighting fiscal values of wise spending because with cost savings additional teachers could be hired and bridges could be repaired. We’re highlighting moral and social values with faith communities. We’re highlighting respect for women and the people who love them, insisting that a woman’s body belongs to the woman. And we’re active with our values. We’re “inside” holding the hands of people who are injured and ill; “inside” the courtroom advocating for justice; “inside” townhalls, social media, marches, demonstrations, newspapers, and as hosts for information gatherings.

We’re “outside” exposing the intent of the fancy words and expensive marketing strategies of those who deceive us by calling a tax bill a health care bill. Whatever their values, they are not our values. We are being betrayed.

Keep doing all that you are doing! It matters. I encourage you to do something extra right now, post it on the website calendar, take pictures to post on facebook, alert the media, etc. April 8 is the Health Care Day for the national Campaign for Guaranteed Health, for which we are the Colorado coordinators. An event can be two of you, or 200 or 2,000—or even do it alone.

This isn’t just about protesting or demonstrating. Our opportunity and our obligation at this urgent time is for health and justice for 5.3 million Coloradans, as well as for you. You want to be part of this. You need to be part of this.

Health Care for Everyone. I am Everyone. We are Everyone. We are Everywhere.

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