Help bring universal health care to Colorado while buying
KScardsmgroceries, gas, and prescriptions!

How does it work?
Purchase a King Soopers/City Market re-loadable gift card from the Foundation today for $5. Contact Elaine Branjord: 970-682-2727. Your card can be re-loaded for any amount up to $500. Simply use the gift card to pay for your purchases at King Soopers, City Market and Loaf ‘N Jug convenience stores (excluding some services such as lottery tickets and stamps and other gift cards). King Soopers gives the Foundation a check for 5 percent of the total you spend.

What’s the catch?
None! There are no extra costs associated with this program. A $5 gift card is redeemable for $5 in King Soopers/City Market/Loaf ‘N Jug merchandise. This is a way for King Soopers to encourage shoppers to patronize their store while supporting the Foundation.

How do I reload my card?
Give the card to your cashier before your purchases are scanned and specify how much you’d like to put on the card. Then, use the gift card to pay for your purchases. You can re-load the card again and again. Note: If you re-load the card right before scanning your groceries at the same register, it’s easy and fast. However, if you re-load the card at Customer Service or a different register, you may experience a 5 to 10-minute delay before other registers reflect the new balance.

How do you purchase cards?
We have some $5 cards available now! Click here to purchase a card today. Keep the card and re-load it. All your purchases continue to accumulate our King Soopers rewards.

How long is the card good for?
The dollar amount on the card never expires. However, if your card balances goes to zero, and you don’t re-load it within 90 days, the card does become inactive, and you will need to purchase a new card from the Foundation. If you re-load a card after it turns inactive, the Foundation will NOT get credit.

Where else can I use the cards?
The King Soopers gift card is accepted at most Kroger-affiliated stores throughout the United States. It can even be used to pay for gas at King Soopers /City Markets fuel centers. Only the cards sold by the Foundation are registered to reward the Foundation.

Questions? Contact the Foundation’s Neighborhood Rewards Coordinator Elaine Branjord at 970-682-2727 or

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