Mennonites host Boulder march for Improved Medicare 4 All

About 20 marchers held signs July 24 in Boulder that read “Human need, not corporate greed,” “Medicare for all,” and “Health care not warfare” as a steady stream of drivers honked in support.

As some picketted across Broadway at Table Mesa Drive, a passerby said, “Thank you. I’m on Medicaid and if this (current Republican bill) passes, it’ll kill me.”

“March with us,” said Jan DeCourtney, a longtime activist in the movement for universal health care and a member of Boulder Mennonite Church. The church hosted the July 24 Boulder march for Medicare for All, a solidarity event with the DC version.

“I can’t. I have to go to work. But thank you,” said the stranger.

Yvonne Berg, Susan Northleaf, and Marie Adams, a trio of activists who could be seen doing a “Honk and Wave” most Saturdays during the ColoradoCare campaign at Pearl and Broadway, were at it again for health care for everyone.

“People ask me what I’m doing this for,” Adams said. “I have five grand kids, and I know the world I want them to inherit,” she said. Adams said that she, like Our Revolution’s new President Nina Turner, takes solace in the fact that more millenials voted for Bernie than for Trump or Hillary Clinton combined.

“They know the world they want to inherit.”

During rush hour between 5-6 p.m. a steady stream of honks in support of the marchers filled the air.

Lily Mast of Longmont, the admin on the Facebook page for Boulder Mennonite Church, saw DeCourtney’s post on the July 24 DC march for Medicare for All and jumped on the church hosting a Boulder event.

Jan DeCourtney marches July 24 at the corner of Broadway and Table Mesa Drive in Boulder.

“We generally support social justice issues,” Mast said, carrying a “Single Payer Health Care” sign. “I knew there would be widespread support.”

DeCourtney agreed.

“Too many people are suffering unnecessarily. It’s called political suffering, not natural suffering, because this health care crisis is controlled by people.

Mary Roberts drove to Boulder from Fort Collins to attend the march.

“I got Medicare in September,” she said. “I hadn’t seen a doctor in years. I jump for joy now. I am such a happy person. I’m not terrified I’m going to die of some bizarre disease.”

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