Keep Universal Health Care On the Table: Talking Points for Legislators

In order to keep universal health care on the table during the upcoming session of the Colorado Legislature, grassroots supporters must show their strength!

Write and call your legislators and ask them to: Keep universal health care on the table.

You can say:

  • I support universal health care! Please do what you can do to ensure that every Coloradan has health care when they need it.
  • Please co-sponsor and vote for the Health Care Cost Financing Analysis Act. The bill authorizes an economic impact analysis of several health care payment options, including a Colorado universal health care plan.
  • If your legislator ran on making health care accessible to all, tell them: Voting for this analysis bill is a way to live up to your campaign promise to work for universal health care!
  • Coloradans deserve a true solution for the long term: Health care for all for life.

Spread the word! Ask your friends to also share this message.

Thanks for helping keep single payer universal health care on the table!


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