Our strategy to get to universal health care

Ivan Miller, Ph.D., Executive Director

Ivan Miller, Ph.D.

Working with this impressive group of dedicated volunteers and staff is inspirational. Because of our efforts, all three of the Colorado Dems in the House co-sponsored HR-676, improved Medicare for All. Your tireless work and donations are the power that has made Colorado one of the national leaders in achieving universal health care.

Our emerging strategy has been developed with your input, input from a strategy team led by Campaign Coordinator Lyn Gullette, and the Foundation Board. We are working to raise awareness and grow the grassroots with the dual goals of obtaining a national plan and/or Colorado leading the way with a state-based plan. We will keep you posted as the details of the strategic plan develop.

Our strategy to ensure quality health care for all Coloradans

In Colorado

We intend to bring a Colorado version of improved Medicare for All to the statewide ballot by 2020.

We are now looking for legislators willing to propose health care legislation in 2018. Enthusiasm seems highest for a high-quality study of the cost of universal health care.

Current activities to achieve these goals:

  • Educational events, including the “Time is Now” movie week, and the Second Annual Universal Health Care Conference, set for July 15 in Denver. Save the Date!
  • Contacting potential legislative sponsors.
  • Communicating with other states taking the same approach
  • Developing statewide support through our 17 regional grassroots groups

In the U.S.

The national news is bubbling with support for improved Medicare for All. Also, there is a real opportunity to pass legislation that would legalize buying mail-order medications from Canadian pharmacies at Canadian prices. This would cut the cost of medications by over 40 percent, and undermine the corrupt control that the pharmaceutical industry has Washington. A victory here will bring us closer to the real goal: Universal health care

Current activities to achieve these goals:

    • Pressing Colorado Senators to support Bernie’s upcoming Medicare for All bill.
    • Pressing Colorado Representatives to support HR-676, the House Medicare for All bill.
    • Pressing Colorado Senators and Representatives to support the upcoming bill legalizing the importation of Canadian medications.
    • Advocating for the replacement of the ACA with something better: Improved Medicare for All.

Thank you for being part of the action,


Ivan J. Miller, Ph.D., Executive Director

Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care


Ivan Miller, Ph.D., Executive Director

Ivan Miller, Ph.D., Executive Director

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