Research Committee


Judy Koslov, M.S., Ph.D., Chair

Judy Koslov’s work in the high-tech field as a statistician, engineer, and manager has spanned three decades. Before earning her doctorate in applied math from the University of Colorado at Boulder, she worked in public health, receiving a Master of Science in social work from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. She did her fieldwork in health planning and community mental health. She’s served as Volunteer in Service to America, and as a planner in the Madison mayor’s office.

An assistant clinical professor with the Colorado School of Public Health, Dr. Koslov has taught statistics courses at the University of Colorado Boulder and Colorado State University. As a community service, she has provided statistical consultation in several capacities, including studying air quality in the Lyons area and advocating for cancer survivors at Rocky Mountain Team Survivor.

Dr. Koslov served as board member and treasurer for Health Care for All Colorado before joining the Colorado Foundation for Universal Health Care as Research Committee Chair in 2013.

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