Stand up to Bully#1: Big Pharma

Pricing life-saving medications out of the reach of millions of Americans isn’t criminal, but it should be.

Yet Big Pharma pours money into legislators’ coffers to make sure our elected officials represent Big Pharma rather than the many people who die each year who didn’t have to because they cannot afford their medications.

The Foundation asks you to take two steps right now to break Big Pharma’s bullyhold on our country.

  1. Host a showing of Big Pharma, Market Failure, the new film by CEO Richard Masters, who also produced Fix It: Healthcare at the Tipping Point. You can stream either film free online here: If you plan to host a showing of the film, email and she’ll mail you either DVD.
  1. Sign our petition asking Colorado Senators Cory Gardner and Michael Bennet to support legalizing pharmaceutical imports from Canadian pharmacies. Colorado senators could make the difference: This legislation will come up again, and last time Sen. Bernie Sanders had 49 of the 51 needed votes, neither from Colorado.Breaking Big Pharma’s bullyhold is a key step to getting to universal health care!
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