Talking Points: Health Care Cost Analysis Act HB19-1176

HB19-1176: Talking points for the Health Care Cost Savings Act of 2019

I want to keep universal health care on the table because…(personal reason or brief story)

The Health Care Cost Savings Act:

  • Provides “Just the facts”
  • We need to see how three different ways of paying for health care compare in affordability and costs/benefits to society
  • We pay almost twice as much for health care as other countries that have better outcomes.
  • Getting needed care shouldn’t impoverish anyone
  • We need to know if we can pay for universal, full coverage that each of us can afford
  • To be compared: How we pay for health care now; covering all Coloradans in a multi-payer system that is publicly and privately funded; and covering all Coloradans with a privately delivered and publicly financed universal system that directly compensates providers
  • Improving how we pay for health care should be driven by evidence, not ideology or special interests
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