Hurricanes, shootings highlight need for universal health care

Added like salt to any wound we experience as a nation—from the devastation of hurricanes to mass shootings—is the fact that insurmountable medical bills can haunt victims.

It shouldn’t be this way.

Everyone should have health care when they need it. With universal health care, everyone who was hurt in Las Vegas could focus on healing without worrying about becoming bankrupt too. Ditto Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico.

In an article citing “The price of no universal health care,” The Intercept reported Oct. 3 that Steve Sisolak, Clark County Commission Chair from Las Vegas, pitched in $10,000 to start a Go Fund Me site for the victims of the Oct. 1 Las Vegas shooting.

While incredibly generous of Sisolak, $10,000 will prove a mere drop in the bucket.

The most efficient, economical, and humane way to take care of Americans in general and especially during a health crises, is to make sure everyone is part of one national nonprofit health care payment system such as improved Medicare for All.

We could do more to prevent these tragedies. But we cannot prevent them all. Universal health care would mean those injured would receive help they need affordably.

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