Volunteers Aim to:

Volunteer Program

Goals: A,H,A,L+

Increase awareness of current problems

Instill hope by providing possible solutions

Grow base of activists

Build leadership, identify leaders

+ help other states

Below are generic examples that can be adapted to whatever we decide the specific goals are.

Volunteers tend to thrive when there are clear agreed-upon goals and a blueprint of how to accomplish the goals including measurable indicators of success along the way.

The most effective and time consuming activity is one-on-one direct development AND follow-up.

Examples of projects—each needs some level of leadership with articulated and coordinated plans:

Increase awareness of current problems

Presentations/Speakers Team

Network locally with other issue groups, with faith groups, progressive groups

Use “Saving Taxpayers Millions” aka “Saving Cities Millions” at city councils, county commission meetings, school boards, etc.

Distribute fact sheets, flyers

Hold forums, movie nights, public round tables,

The usual—fb, blogs, LTE, townhalls, tabling, petitions, booths, webinars, videos, music, art, poetry, dance, etc.

The situational—demonstrations, mini-campaigns, street theatre

Raise questions and challenges at townhalls, political party meetings, and with other organizations pursuing health care for everyone

Instill hope with recommended solutions

Promote national legislation

Support bills introduced in Colorado Legislature

Introduce statutes or bills as entry to universal coverage

Reintroduce state universal health care bill

Build coalitions around solutions and/or rewrite of Amendment 69

Grow base of activists

Create on-boarding procedures that include immediate welcoming, connecting, tracking and appreciating

Activist training programs around the state, e.g., Sunday afternoon training session with child care provided; or in partnership with other organizations that are predominantly minority groups

Develop communication vehicles so activists feel totally included and easily find events, materials, support

Build leadership

Encourage every leader to mentor another

Provide perks for leaders with recognition, decision-making powers, extra training opportunities, etc.

Help Other States



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