What’s up in Fremont, Custer, and Chaffee Counties

by Madeleine Jacobs, MD

Our active group is small, but energized. Our goal in Colorado is to build public awareness of single payer health care and it’s working.

We’ve been putting George Lakoff’s principles from Don’t Think of an Elephant and The Little Blue Book into practice. (See: “How we frame our values matters.”) Our goal is to share our values with our frames in every interaction of every day.

We believe that health care is not only a right but a need for people living in human bodies.

As such, our activities are focused on getting the word out. We’re developing PowerPoint presentations, scheduling weekly talks in different venues, and disseminating business cards with the name of our group, Health Care for All, wherever business cards congregate. We’re a regular presence at the Farmers’ Market in Canon City. We have an active PR person and photographer disseminating our activities through various media outlets. We have scheduled a showing of “Fixit” at the Canon City Library. We aim to show it along with the new film, “Big Pharma, Market Failure” in various business venues. We are hosting Living Room Conversations, a model for civil dialogues with people from various political backgrounds, on the topic of health care. And, of course, we continue to write and call our Members of Congress, as well as go to meetings, demonstrations and panels.

If you live in our region, join us!

Dr. Madeleine Jacobs is the Regional Organizer for Fremont, Custer, and Chaffee Counties. You can reach her at drmadikf@bresnan.net

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